Places to Visit in Liechtenstein

Having only to been to Liechtenstein once, my knowledge of this small country is limited to what I discovered on a brief trip to Vaduz, the country’s capital. It’s not the most exciting place I’ve ever been to but it’s definitely worth a quick visit to see one of the lesser known countries in Europe. Be prepared for the hefty prices which are paid in Swiss francs, although some places do accept euros.

You can read about my trip to Vaduz here.

Tip: Even though there is no border control when entering or exiting Liechtenstein, you can get a stamp in your passport once in Vaduz to prove that you’ve been there. 🙂

Where to Stay

In Vaduz, I stayed at the Landgasthof Au guest house which has a fantastic beer garden with local brews and pub style meals. If that’s not to your liking you could try booking accommodation in Liechtenstein through

Most tourists visit Liechtenstein on a day trip from elsewhere but if you have the time, staying out of Vaduz and exploring the countryside is possibly a better option. Hiking, biking, mountaineering and other outdoor activities are popular with both locals and tourists and can be organised by the tourist office or independently.

More on Liechtenstein

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