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Places to Visit in Europe

The other day I was calculating how many countries in Europe I have visited and was disappointed to see it’s only 25. After more than 8 years living in Europe there is still so much to see.

Update: I have now been to 27 countries in Europe.

One of my travel goals is to visit every country in Europe at least once. There is no real reason for the goal, just that I think it’ll be fun to visit so many different places, to get a better understanding of the various cultures, and of course to try all the unique cuisines. 🙂

I don’t think I’ll reach that goal this year but the plan is to achieve it by 2012. Having the goal in writing should be enough to push myself to reach the more distant places I have yet to visit. I’ll update this post as I visit each new country so I can cross them off my list. 🙂

These are the 47 countries in Europe which I plan to visit.

Which countries have you visited? What are your travel goals?

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