This blog is not financially driven. Travel is my life, travel is my love. I would continue to work on this blog for no financial reward and in fact have done so for many years. However, I would now like it to help pay for my travels which is why I have begun to include advertising on the site as well as affiliate links.


Advertising on Destination Europe can be seen in the form of banner advertising and Google Adsense ads and indirectly with advertising in my newsletter. These ads should be obvious to everyone. No surprises here.

Affiliate Links

Yes, there are affiliate links throughout the site. These are for products and services I use and recommend for things like hotel accommodation, travel insurance, photography gear and books from Amazon. I receive a small commission from purchases via my affiliate links. Thank you.

Text Link Advertising

There are absolutely no paid links on this site and there never will be. So that means no paid links in the sidebar or footer and no sponsored posts.

Blog Trips, Hosted Stays and Review Products

Yes, sometimes I am given free stuff including transport, accommodation and tours. Any content and reviews produced as a result of these ‘ freebies’ is my honest opinion, good or bad. Whether a trip, product or service is paid for by a tourism board, hotel, airline or by myself, the review be the same.


I think it’s ridiculous to have disclaimers all over the place stating that I got something for free or at a discount or that I’m linking with an affiliate link. You’re an adult, you can figure it out for yourself. As far as the FTC disclosures go, well, that’s of little interest to me but I think this covers just about everything:

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(Illustrations courtesy of Louis Gray and Jeannine Schafer)