Change is Good

Even though I just changed my domain name at the beginning of the year, I’ve decided to change it again to Why? Partially because I’m a little impulsive (and it seemed like a good idea after a couple of drinks) and partially because I want a brand which reflects my current way of travelling. These days I mostly travel by road and the plan is to take long road trips around Europe and share my favourite itineraries and destinations as I go. I’ll also be spending more time in each destination so I can get to know a place in more depth and to do day trips to nearby places.

What About Destination Europe? will still exist but I’ll be re-publishing the best content from here on the new blog. I apologise in advance for any repetition but I want to keep my most important posts in one place. You can still browse the archives but there won’t be any new content published here.

What’s Next?

If you currently subscribe to Destination Europe via RSS (in a reader or by email) then you don’t need to do anything, you’ll automagically be updated with the new content. Otherwise, subscribe to the RSS here or you can subscribe by email if you prefer. My Facebook and Twitter accounts will remain the same.

Thanks for following along and I’ll be announcing some more exciting changes shortly. :)

About Andrea

Andrea Anastasakis is the founder and author of travel blog Destination Europe. She is currently living in Paris, France. Subscribe to the RSS feed and become a fan on Facebook.


  1. We’ll follow wherever you lead us 😉

  2. Congratulations, Andrea. Look forward to following the new site (already loving your car :) )

  3. Rebranding and change is GOOD, yes! I recently redid mine and it’s been a great response already. Cannot wait to see yours!

    • Glad it worked out for you. Your site’s looking great! I’m going to keep this site up for now though and just migrate the better posts over to the new blog. :)

  4. That’s some initiative Andrea. I came here through your Twitter profile when we followed each other just now. You might want to change your web address there as well mate. All the best!

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