Gorgeous Greece


If you’re looking for a sizzling summer holiday that ticks all the right boxes, with lashings of sunshine, gorgeous beaches, breathtaking landscapes and soul-stirring historic ruins, you can’t go wrong with Greece.

On a holiday in Greece, there’s more than enough to keep everyone entertained – however diverse or different their holiday wish-lists. Let’s start with the islands. Halkidiki is a cracking little spot with plenty of entertainment on offer and a fascinating heritage too, with romantic ruins and ancient monuments shrouded in mystery. For traditional beach holidays you’ll find everything you could ever wish for in Corfu – the Emerald Isle – which is packed with gorgeous beaches fringed with pine-clad mountains, and numerous activities such as water parks, jeep safaris and boat excursions for great days out with the family.

If you want laid-back charm with knock-out scenery and bustling towns, Kefalonia will be right up your street. It’s so beautiful that it attracted the attentions of Hollywood in the star-studded film, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. And it’s no surprise. Steep craggy cliffs tumble down onto picturesque golden sands that sparkle under cloudless blue skies, forming sheltered bays and hidden coves that certainly look like they’ve had the Hollywood treatment. But it’s all natural beauty – and that’s what Kefalonia does best.

Elsewhere, if you like your getaways upbeat and lively, Rhodes holidays would be right up your street. Here you can keep the kids entertained from dawn ’til dusk with a non-stop array of entertainment, from waterparks and boat trips to watersports and hotel-run kids’ clubs. And for the older teens and twenty-somethings who fancy a bit of life after dark, the buzzing resort of Faliraki will keep you dancing until the early hours.

So whatever you fancy and however varied your holiday wish-list, gorgeous Greece is always happy to oblige…

Staying in London on a Budget: Barking

Staying in London on a Budget

Are you hoping to sample some of the delights that the beautiful city of London has to offer, but put off by the cost of inner city accommodation? With a whole host of things going on throughout the festive period, don’t stress about spending oodles on a hotel base – book with Travelodge and make use of the fantastic deals available, giving you more cash to flash on the attractions.

Stay a little further out of the city and keep costs low. Heading for the outskirts, such as Barking, puts you close enough to the city but without the heftier pricetag. Located at the terminus of the Hammersmith & City line, it takes approximately 45 minutes to reach central London, and a mere 15 minutes on the overground rail links. Spend the whole day in the city to avoid spending unnecessarily travelling back and forth and you will be guaranteed to make awesome savings compared with staying in the centre.

With plenty of festive offerings, your days will be chock-a-block with fun and exciting things to do. Spend some time browsing the multitude of shopping districts, and cross off some of the items on your Christmas shopping list. From the Oxford Street fashion brands to the independent names located around Covent Garden, you’ll be sure to find plenty of options for gifts for your loved ones. Lovers of vintage and alternative wears head for Camden or, for something a little crafty, the Christmas markets on the South Bank are a perfect stop.

Visiting London for the weekend without catching a West End show is surely a crime. With so many performances on offer, to suit the whole family, it’s a perfect time to catch a show. For the traditional pantomime experience, reserve your tickets for Aladdin, starring none other than the fabulous Lily Savage, being shown in the foreground of the O2 Arena – a perfect show full of fun and laughter for all ages to enjoy.

Alternatively, family favourites including Matilda the Musical, Shrek and The Lion King are proving to be smash hits on the West End and are the perfect medicine for cracking afternoon or evening entertainment. For a more festive show, Scrooge the Musical can be found at the London Palladium until early January – plenty of time to see the legendary Tommy Steele as the equally famous miser.

For a true taste of Christmas spirit, head for Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland. Entry to the attraction is completely free, but added attractions are ticketed extras. From a stint on the outdoor ice rink, to the mesmerising ice structures in the Magical Ice Kingdom, there is so much to see in this beautiful wintery paradise. Reserve your seats to view the awesome Zippo’s Christmas Circus, or for a real treat, visit the Circus after dark for the Cirque Berserk.

London has so much to offer her visitors throughout the festive season and it can be achieved on a budget by staying in the Greater London area. Book your hotel in Barking today and begin your preparations for a fabulous festive weekend.

Change is Good


Even though I just changed my domain name at the beginning of the year, I’ve decided to change it again to rearviewmirror.tv. Why? Partially because I’m a little impulsive (and it seemed like a good idea after a couple of drinks) and partially because I want a brand which reflects my current way of travelling. These days I mostly travel by road and the plan is to take long road trips around Europe and share my favourite itineraries and destinations as I go. I’ll also be spending more time in each destination so I can get to know a place in more depth and to do day trips to nearby places.

What About Destination Europe?

DestinationEurope.net will still exist but I’ll be re-publishing the best content from here on the new blog. I apologise in advance for any repetition but I want to keep my most important posts in one place. You can still browse the archives but there won’t be any new content published here.

What’s Next?

If you currently subscribe to Destination Europe via RSS (in a reader or by email) then you don’t need to do anything, you’ll automagically be updated with the new content. Otherwise, subscribe to the RSS here or you can subscribe by email if you prefer. My Facebook and Twitter accounts will remain the same.

Thanks for following along and I’ll be announcing some more exciting changes shortly. 🙂

Top 4 Things to Do in Heidelberg

Knowing Heidelberg is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Germany, my original idea was to try and find some off the beaten path things to see and do while I was there. But the best things about Heidelberg are the touristy things so I’m going to throw my initial idea out the window and instead share the top 4 things to do and see in Heidelberg.

Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg’s main attraction is the sandstone castle which overlooks the old town (altstadt). It is featured in just about every photo you see of the city and my favourite view is from the banks of the Neckar River.

Heidelberg Castle from the river.

Of course it’s worth going up to have a closer look and the easiest way to get there is to take the two minute funicular ride half way up the hill. There is a second funicular dating from 1907 which will take you further up the hillside but unfortunately that isn’t included in regular castle/funicular ticket.

Heidelberg Castle Closeup

Once there you can explore the Gothic-Renaissance courtyard or check out the pharmacy museum. I skipped that and went straight for the terrace to see the views over Heidelberg and the river.

Heidelberg Altstadt and River Neckar

Old Town Squares

Back down in the altstadt, there are plenty of cute streets and squares to explore. Most are packed with shops, cafes and tourists but there are still plenty of quiet places to relax. The main square Marktplatz is not particularly quiet but it’s a fun place to sit for a drink and to people watch. For a small fee you can climb the church spire in the Gothic church on the square for more views of the city.

Heidelberg Marktplatz Main Square

If you walk back down to the old town after having visited the castle you’ll walk straight into Kornmarkt. It’s much quieter than Marktplatz and Heidelberg’s other main square Karlsplatz as there aren’t any cafes to sit in but there are plenty of benches where you can sit and enjoy the view.

Kornmarkt in Heidelberg

River Neckar

Taking a stroll along the River Neckar is a great idea if you want to get away from the crowds at Heidelberg Castle. If the weather is good head to the riverside park on the northern side of the river near the Theodor Heuss Bridge for a picnic. This is where the locals like to hang out when the sun makes an occasional appearance. Just watch out for the hundreds of ducks who also like to hang out there.

Heidelberg's Riverside Park

Alte Brucke

The Old Bridge (Alte Brucke) is Heidelberg’s most visited bridge which you can get a close up look of as you walk along the Neckar.

Alte Brucke in Heidelberg

The stone bridge dates from the 18th century and there’s a pretty medieval bridge gate on the old town side of the bridge.

Heidelberg Old Bridge Gate

Plus One Quirky Thing

I did come across one unusual sight while in Heidelberg, the Bridge Monkey. 

Bridge Monkey of Heidelberg

He’s holding up a mirror which is supposed to bring you wealth if you touch it. Of course I didn’t discover that until later so it looks like I will remain poor. If you touch the monkey’s fingers you will return to Heidelberg one day and if you touch the mice you’ll have lots of kids. Luckily I didn’t even see the mice!

Where to Stay in Heidelberg

I stayed at the Hip Hotel in Heidelberg which is a cute little boutique hotel right in the old town. It’s on the main pedestrian shopping street but you can drive down there to drop off your bags (at least I did!). I particularly loved the champagne breakfast they put on. Who doesn’t love champagne for breakfast??

Champagne at the Hip Hotel in Heidelberg

When to Visit

Heidelberg is popular tourist destination all year round. You might want to avoid visiting in July and August as these are peak tourist times but any other time of the year should be relatively fine. If you’re staying for a few days and plan on visiting a number of attractions then you might want to pick up the Heidelberg Card from the tourist office. That gives you free use of public transport, use of the funicular and entrance to Heidelberg castle as well as discounts at a number of museums. But if you’re only going to be in Heidelberg for a day or you just want to visit the castle then it wouldn’t be worthwhile.

Heidelberg is located in one of the most beautiful regions in Germany. While in the area you could also visit Wiesbaden, the very cute Bacharach or Schwäbisch Hall.

Trier’s Old Town Festival

I didn’t know what to expect when I headed to Trier for their Altstadtfest (Old Town Festival) but it turns out it’s made up of mostly drinking, eating and listening to music. One can’t ask for much more from a festival really.

Of course we started with a little wine tasting. I wasn’t sure which wine to go with but one of the locals took us through the German menu and after a bit of an interrogation regarding our wine preferences he selected wines for us to try. He was spot on with his recommendations and I loved my semi-sweet wine from the local Mosel region.

Mosel Wine in Trier

The festival has plenty of places to stop for local wine and beer and not surprisingly these were the most popular stalls. Even in the early afternoon the locals were crowding around, drinking up and chatting amongst themselves.

Drinking up at Trier's Old Town Festival

I was planning on sticking to wine during the festival but it was hard to walk by these beautiful fruit punch bowls without trying at least one. Most were spiked with vodka and were very refreshing!

Vodka laced fruit punch.

The eating side of things was a little less enjoyable for me as almost everything was deep fried and meaty. You can’t beat a good Hungarian langos though.

Vegetarian Hungarian Langos

There was lots of international food available including Mexican, Thai and Japanese. I did try some German specialties including these deep fried mushrooms. Good in theory, not so good in practice.

Deep Fried Mushrooms Smothered in Sauce

I finally hit the jackpot with a vegetarian flammkuchen. Flammkuchen is kind of like German pizza. You see it a lot around the west of Germany but it’s originally from the Alsace region of France. It’s delicious. Don’t pass it up if you have the chance to try it.

German Flammkuchen

If you’re a meat lover, you won’t be disappointed as after the beer and wine stalls the meat stations were the most well stocked. Piles of sausages and steaks were being grilled over hot coals and thrown between chunky bread rolls. Meat and bread were big at the Altstadtfest.

Meat cooked over hot coals.

The entertainment at the festival was mostly music. There was jazz, church choirs and lots more in between.

Trier Music Festival

Church Choir in Trier

Sightseeing in Trier

If you’re not in Trier during the festival there’s plenty to see anyway. Trier was a great Roman city back in the day and there are loads of Roman ruins scattered around the city. My favourite is the Porta Nigra gate to the city. At one point there were four of these gates but this is the only one which remains.

Trier's Porta Nigra taken from the Mercure Hotel

The second most important Roman site in Trier is the Imperial Baths. The Romans were geniuses when it came to water and they created a complex system of hot and cold baths plus steam and relaxation rooms. There are no natural hot springs in Trier but they still managed to bring the water in and heat it to the exact temperature required.

Roman Baths in Trier

There is also a huge Roman amphitheatre which is still used today although no longer for killing wild animals and gladiators. Much prettier is the Roman bridge which dates from the 2nd century and is still used by traffic today without any structural problems.

Roman Bridge in Trier

Not from Roman times but there are a couple of historic cranes located on the banks of the Moselle. One is from medieval times and the other from the 18th century. The engine used to work the cranes was powered only by manpower. Not a fun job I’d imagine.

Treadwheel Crane in Trier

In between the Porta Nigra and the Imperial Baths is the beautiful garden of the Palace of Trier which is a nice spot to take a break from the festival and sightseeing.

Palace of Trier Gardens and Basilica

Where to Stay

I stayed in Trier compliments of Trier Tourism and Mercure Hotel Trier Porta Nigra. The hotel is located directly opposite the stunning Porta Nigra and I snapped the above photo of it from Mercure’s breakfast room. It’s not a bad view to eat breakfast to.

When to Visit

The Old Town Festival is held during June or it’s worth visiting Trier in December when the Christmas markets are on. Trier Tourism has a list of events on their website but the city’s Roman monuments and other sights can be visited all year round.

Bacharach on the Rhine

While looking for a place to stay in between visits to Trier and Heidelberg, we stumbled across one of the most perfect German villages I’ve ever seen. Bacharach on the Rhine is made up almost exclusively of medieval timber framed houses with the oldest dating from 1368.

Bacharach on the Rhine in Germany

Sometimes when visiting Germany I get a bit bored with seeing this kind of architecture everywhere but Bacharach is so quaint and adorable I loved every minute I spent there. Each house is so well preserved and maintained it really is like stepping back in time.

Bacharach Timber Framed Houses

Bacharach is situated on the Rhine Gorge not far from Wiesbaden and Frankfurt and it would be an easy day trip from either city or it’s a great place to visit if you’re passing through like I was. The Rhine Gorge is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular wine growing region.

Vineyards on the Rhine Gorge near Bacharach

White wine is the predominant wine produced here with most of those being Riesling but we also tried a decent red and a very nice sparkling wine. There are a number of small shops in the centre where you can taste the local wine. Most of them stocked wines from the local Mittelrhein wine region and I’d definitely recommend the Jost Riesling.

Before going crazy wine tasting you might want to take the steep walk up the hill to see the 12th century Stahleck Castle. The castle has had various uses over the years including as an internment camp for German youth before being shipped off to concentration camps during the war. It’s currently used as a hostel.

Stahleck Castle Hostel in Bacharach

On the way up to Stahleck Castle you’ll pass the ruins of a Gothic chapel.

Wernerkapelle Gothic Chapel in Bacharach

Next to the chapel is a viewing platform where you get the best views over the Rhine Gorge and the rest of the town.

Saint Peter’s Evangelical Church

Bacharach is a small town of only 2000 people so there isn’t a lot to do but stroll the cobblestone streets and enjoy the local food and wine.


Where to Eat

There are lots of places to eat around town but I’d recommend getting away from the main square and trying some more wine and German food at Weingut Karl Heidrich wine bar.

Weingut Karl Heidrich Wine Bar

You also get a great view of the castle from there.

Wine Bar in Bacharach Germany

While Bacharach is an easy day trip from nearby towns, I think it’s worth staying overnight to appreciate the town and the great food and wine you’ll find there.

Beach Bar on the Spree

Last week I headed to Berlin to see Pearl Jam in concert at O2 World in Berlin. The concert hall is not far from the Ostbahnhof train station and to get there you can walk along the River Spree and check out the East Side Gallery as you go.

East Side Gallery Near Ostbahnhof

I’ve never been to the East Side Gallery before and it was interesting to see the artwork which was created in 1990 not long after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Some of the 106 pieces of art are in poor condition but others have been restored. The weather and vandalism have been a problem but hopefully the rest will be restored in the future.

East Side Gallery Artwork in Berlin

The concert itself was brilliant of course and it was totally worth the road trip to Berlin from Paris. On the way to the concert I also noticed they have set up some beach bars along the river. We went back the following day and got to enjoy a brief period of sunshine while we sipped on an Aperol Spritz or three. It was so relaxing sitting on beach chairs on the sand, almost like being at a real beach. Almost… It’s not exactly like Tenerife in July but it wasn’t bad.

Berlin Beach Bar on the Spree

I know Paris has Paris Plage but this was so much more relaxed than anything I’ve ever seen in Paris or in France. It’s one of the reasons I’d love to move to Berlin, there’s just so many new and different things going on all the time. I’d definitely recommend checking out one of these beach bars if you’re in Berlin, it’s a cool place to hang out, especially if you’re with a group of friends.

Beach Bar Near Ostbahnhof in Berlin

I’d also recommend the German summer drink of choice, an Aperol Spritz. It’s really delicious! It’s made with a bitter orange flavoured spirit and Prosecco. Another popular drink is a Hugo which is made with Elderflower syrup, mint leaves and Prosecco. It’s refreshing but I prefer the Aperol Spritz.

Hugo and Aperol Spritz Cocktails

Berlin is such an amazing city, I can’t wait to go back later this year for a longer trip.

Berlin at Night

We didn’t have the best luck with the weather during our week in Berlin. There were thunderstorms almost every day which was kind of odd for the middle of summer but on our final night the skies cleared a little and I got to take a few night shots of Berlin’s famous landmarks.

Wedding Photo at Brandenburg Gate

Reichstag Building at Dusk

Berliner Dom & Berlin's TV Tower

Around The World in 6 Minutes

Terra Sacra Time Lapses from Sean F. White on Vimeo.

Time lapse video shot in 24 countries on 7 continents.

Carnival of Europe #2

This month’s carnival includes posts from all around Europe. Hope you enjoy!

Eiffel Tower in the Mist by Paul from Paris Inspired
Paul always has some great photos and interesting stories to tell. I love these photos of misty Paris.

Galileo Museum in Florence Italy by Average Traveller
Florence has so many fascinating museums. The Galileo Museum is a great place to visit for astronomy buffs or for anyone wanting to get away from the maddening crowds at the Uffizi.

A Budget Travel Guide to Bulgaria from Nerd Wallet
I imagine Bulgaria is generally quite budget friendly anyway but these tips will definitely come in handy when I visit Bulgaria this summer. I’d especially love to visit the Dancing Bears Park which thankfully has no dancing bears.

Isles of Scilly by Kenneth Lange
The mysterious sounding Isles of Scilly with their Mediterranean climate, white sandy beaches and friendly locals. All that in Northern Europe?

The Eighth Hill: EUR, Rome’s Modernist District from Sharing Travel Experiences
This is definitely an off the beaten path area of Rome. I particularly love the ‘Square Colosseum’.

6 of Scotland’s Top Golf Courses from The Edinburgh Travel Guide
Check this out if you want to play golf in Scotland.

Northern Italy Road Trip: Bressanone by Jul from This International Life
Road trips are great. Northern Italy is great. What’s not to love?

Copenhagen’s Vesterbro District by Nathalie from Perfect Boutique Hotel
Vesterbro looks like a really cool part of Copenhagen but then again all of Copenhagen is cool in my experience.

A Day in Colmar by Andy of Grounded Traveler
I’ve heard many great things about Colmar, it’s particularly well known for its Christmas market but you can see from Andy’s post it’s worth visiting all year round.

The Best Fish and Chips in Scotland by Shanna from There and Back Again
Living in France means no fish and chips for me and I miss it! I might have to head up to Scotland to test out some of these places.

5 Things to Know Before Visiting Rom’s Cinecittà Movie Studio by Keane Li.
What an amazing place to visit for lovers of Italian cinema, like me! La Dolce Vita and many other famous films and TV shows were shot here and this tour is something I would love to do on my next trip to Rome.

5 Things to Do in Istanbul by Ali from Ali’s Adventures
Istanbul is on my dream destination list. I’m not sure when I’ll finally get there but this list of things to do will definitely help me out although ‘Eat’ will probably be first on my list.

That’s all for this month’s carnival, I hope it inspired you a little and you’ll get out and visit some of the places in the near future!

June Travel Plans

Road Trip to Milan

Road Trip Time!

I love, love, love road trips! In fact, I love them so much I decided to create a dedicated road trip blog called RearViewMirror.tv. Over there I’m going to be writing about road trips around Europe as well as day trips from Europe’s main cities. It’s still fairly new (I haven’t added a logo/header yet) but please have a look and let me know what you think. If you would like to follow along and get tips and ideas for driving around Europe then subscribe to the RSS feed. I’ll be using the same Facebook page which you can like here if you haven’t already.

Thanks to Changes in Longitude for convincing me starting a road trip blog was a good idea. If there’s anything you don’t like about the site blame Michael!

Road Trip #1

I’ll be taking off on my first road trip of the month tomorrow. Milan is the destination. I’m not going to do sightseeing but to see Soundgarden in concert! I saw them here in Paris earlier in the week but that wasn’t enough so I figured why not drive down to Milan to see them again?

After Italy the road trip will continue with stops in Annecy and who knows where else before returning to Paris for a couple of weeks. Annecy is a great foodie destination and I hope to go to La Salle des GardesCrêperie Ti Mad and Au Péché Mignon as recommended by @trottaround. If anyone else has foodie recommendations in Annecy let me know in the comments or on Twitter.

Road Trip #2

Later in the month I’ll be off on a long road trip to Berlin, this time to see Pearl Jam in concert! I love travelling to see concerts and it’s one of the huge benefits of living in Europe.

I’ve already taken many road trips through Germany but on this occasion I’m planning to stop in cities I’ve never visited before. The itinerary looks something like this:

Again if you’d like to follow the trip subscribe to Rear View Mirror although I’ll still be writing here of course. I’ll also be quite active on Instragram (destinationeu). Speaking of which if you’d like me to follow you on Instagram, leave your username in the comments and I’ll add you. 🙂

What are your travel plans this month?


Nomadism from Returning to Nomadism on Vimeo.

Even though I am 99% sure I don’t want to be a nomad, there is still that 1% where I want to wander the world forever.


This week’s #FriFotos theme is waterfalls.

I wish I had more photos of waterfalls but I don’t seem to get out into the country enough. Today I’m just going to share the one photo from Vintgar Gorge near Lake Bled in Slovenia.

Follow #FriFotos on Twitter to share your waterfall photos.

Vintgar Gorge, Slovenia

Vintgar Gorge Waterfall in Slovenia

5 Tips for Visiting Cologne

I have totally changed my about Cologne. When I first visited in 2007 I thought it was the most boring of German cities. There aren’t many tourist attractions and there are better places in Germany to go shopping so I wrote it off. I did go back though, either passing through to go elsewhere or as a quick getaway from Paris, and little by little it grew on me. Here are my top 5 tips to make a trip to Cologne worthwhile.

Have a Beer by the Rhine

For me, Cologne is all about chilling out and sitting in one of the beer gardens by the Rhine is a great place to do that. There are plenty to choose from and they are always packed with tourists and locals alike. Ständige Vertretung has one of the best locations and if you’re lucky you’ll get some free entertainment from one of the local buskers.

Ständige Vertretung in Cologne

Get the Best View of Cologne

Looking back towards Cologne from the right bank (the Deutz area) you’ll get one of the best views of the city including that of the Dom which dominates the skyline.

Cologne's Skyling and the River Rhine

Cologne Dom and Hohenzollern Bridge

If you cross the River Rhine on the Deutz Bridge you’ll get a close up view of Cologne’s pretty altstadt (old town).

Cologne Altstadt from the Deutz Bridge

Add a Lovelock to the Hohenzollern Bridge

On your way back from the right bank, cross over the Hohenzollern Bridge and check out the 1000s of lovelocks which have accumulated in recent years. I’m not a huge fan of the lovelocks on the Pont des Arts in Paris but they seem to fit Cologne for some reason. Add your own if you like.

Lovelocks on the Hohenzollern Bridge

Visit Cologne’s Festivals

Cologne’s annual Christmas market and Carnival festival are known around the world and are great events to visit in the city. There are smaller events too like the Cologne Lights show and Cologne Pride, both held in July.

Christmas and Carnival: Cologne's Major Festivals


There are plenty of opportunities to try German specialities in Cologne and the best place for that would be one of the pubs around Heumarkt or try Cafe Wahlen for traditional coffee and cake. There’s a great choice of international cuisine too including Cuban and Mexican or if you prefer more contemporary meals head to the area around Ehrenstraße. If the weather is not too good you could always take refuge in the chocolate museum.

Pub Food in Cologne

Those are some of my favourite things to do in Cologne. What would you recommend?

Travel Photo: Gubbio

Gubbio in northern Umbria, Italy

Cloudy skies over Gubbio in northern Umbria, Italy.

Paris Day Trip: Marly-le-Roi

Marly-le-Roi is a 20 minute drive to the west of Paris, provided you don’t get lost like I did. Having a GPS which works usually helps. The very small old town has a few pretty cobblestone streets but on the Monday I visited everything was closed so there was little to do but head to the town’s main attraction; the Parc de Marly.

Parc de Marly

The park used to be home to the Chateau de Marly, used by Louis XIV when he wanted time away from formal life at the nearby Chateau de Versailles. The chateau was destroyed after the French Revolution and now only some of the foundations remain.

Foundations of Chateau de Marly Near Paris

The water supply at Marly-le-Roi was used to provide water for the fountains at Versailles using a specially engineered machine known as the Machine de Marly. It pumped enough water each day to support the city of Paris but unfortunately it was pulled down too. The Parc de Marly still has plenty of water but it has no use except for joggers to run around.

Paris Day Trip: Marly le Roi

Aside from jogging or having a picnic there isn’t much to do in the park although there are some quirky statues like this one of Daphne being chased by Apollo. Poor girl.

Daphne Pursued by Apollo

Original statues from the Chateau de Marly can now be found in the Louvre Museum in the Cours Marly including the famous Marly Horses.

While it is a pretty park, there are plenty of other day trips from Paris which I would recommend ahead of a visit to Marly-le-Roi.

Allo Allo {Deux Américains à Paris}

Allo Allo {Deux Américains à Paris} from Land of Nod Inc. on Vimeo.

Ah, Paris. Je t’aime.

Travel Photo: Mieming

Mountain Sunrise in Austria

A beautiful mountain sunrise not far from Mieming in the Tirol region of Austria.

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