Advertising & PR

Destination Europe is a professional travel blog providing tips, guides and inspiration for 30-something couples planning to visit or currently visiting Europe. I am based in Paris, France and am passionate about travel and travel blogging. Travel writing, posting travel photos, networking within the travel industry and promoting my site are daily activities, even when on the road. Destination Europe is an established blog which ranks well in the search engines and has a growing social media presence.

Visitor and Subscriber Statistics

Destination Europe has an engaged and targeted travel audience which is growing every month.

  • Unique monthly visitors: 6,000
  • Total monthly page views: 11,000
  • Google PageRank: 2
  • RSS and email subscribers: 370
  • Twitter followers: 4,000
  • Facebook fans: 1,900
  • Instagram followers: 450

The blog audience is predominately made up of visitors from the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.

  • United States: 39%
  • Australia: 15%
  • United Kingdom: 5%

Advertising Opportunities

I offer a number of banner advertising packages starting as low as US$50 per month. I have a network of travel blogs so advertising on multiple blogs can be arranged and this may be a cost effective strategy for you. Providing your product or service is travel related, we can usually work out a deal which is beneficial to both of us.

Along with banner advertising, I am available for:

  • Blog/press trips focusing on European destinations, culture and food.
  • Hosted stays. I can review hotels and other accommodation.
  • Reviews of restaurants, cafes and markets promoting regional cuisine in Europe.
  • Product reviews including transport, museum passes and travel gear reviews.
  • Sponsorship. You can sponsor a specific trip or part of a trip.

Press Trips

Exposure during and after press trips includes real time exposure on Twitter and Facebook followed by detailed blog posts, short travel photo posts and posts on my related food blog Bites of Pleasure (if appropriate). The minimum level of exposure can be agreed upon prior to the trip but is generally one post per day hosted.

Previous press trips:

  • Tirol, Austria – August 2011
  • Lille, France – December 2011
  • Nuremberg, Germany – December 2011
  • Munich, Germany – December 2011
  • Dresden, Germany – December 2011
  • Catalonia, Spain – February 2012
  • Rome, Italy – April 2012
  • Umbria, Italy – April 2012
  • Trier, Germany – June 2012
  • Heidelberg, Germany – June 2012
  • Leipzig, Germany, July 2012

A larger audience can be reached through advertising/exposure on my other travel blogs along with here at Destination Europe.

If you would like to work together, please contact me and I will get back to you to discuss your requirements.