Change is Good

Even though I just changed my domain name at the beginning of the year, I’ve decided to change it again to Why? Partially because I’m a little impulsive (and it seemed like a good idea after a couple of drinks) and partially because I want a brand which reflects my current way of travelling. […]

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Top 4 Things to Do in Heidelberg

Knowing Heidelberg is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Germany, my original idea was to try and find some off the beaten path things to see and do while I was there. But the best things about Heidelberg are the touristy things so I’m going to throw my initial idea out the window […]

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Trier’s Old Town Festival

I didn’t know what to expect when I headed to Trier for their Altstadtfest (Old Town Festival) but it turns out it’s made up of mostly drinking, eating and listening to music. One can’t ask for much more from a festival really. Of course we started with a little wine tasting. I wasn’t sure which […]

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Bacharach on the Rhine

While looking for a place to stay in between visits to Trier and Heidelberg, we stumbled across one of the most perfect German villages I’ve ever seen. Bacharach on the Rhine is made up almost exclusively of medieval timber framed houses with the oldest dating from 1368. Sometimes when visiting Germany I get a bit […]

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Beach Bar on the Spree

Last week I headed to Berlin to see Pearl Jam in concert at O2 World in Berlin. The concert hall is not far from the Ostbahnhof train station and to get there you can walk along the River Spree and check out the East Side Gallery as you go. I’ve never been to the East […]

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Berlin at Night

We didn’t have the best luck with the weather during our week in Berlin. There were thunderstorms almost every day which was kind of odd for the middle of summer but on our final night the skies cleared a little and I got to take a few night shots of Berlin’s famous landmarks.

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Around The World in 6 Minutes

Terra Sacra Time Lapses from Sean F. White on Vimeo. Time lapse video shot in 24 countries on 7 continents.

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Carnival of Europe #2

This month’s carnival includes posts from all around Europe. Hope you enjoy! Eiffel Tower in the Mist by Paul from Paris Inspired Paul always has some great photos and interesting stories to tell. I love these photos of misty Paris. Galileo Museum in Florence Italy by Average Traveller Florence has so many fascinating museums. The […]

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June Travel Plans

Road Trip Time! I love, love, love road trips! In fact, I love them so much I decided to create a dedicated road trip blog called Over there I’m going to be writing about road trips around Europe as well as day trips from Europe’s main cities. It’s still fairly new (I haven’t added […]

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Nomadism from Returning to Nomadism on Vimeo. Even though I am 99% sure I don’t want to be a nomad, there is still that 1% where I want to wander the world forever.

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This week’s #FriFotos theme is waterfalls. I wish I had more photos of waterfalls but I don’t seem to get out into the country enough. Today I’m just going to share the one photo from Vintgar Gorge near Lake Bled in Slovenia. Follow #FriFotos on Twitter to share your waterfall photos. Vintgar Gorge, Slovenia

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5 Tips for Visiting Cologne

I have totally changed my about Cologne. When I first visited in 2007 I thought it was the most boring of German cities. There aren’t many tourist attractions and there are better places in Germany to go shopping so I wrote it off. I did go back though, either passing through to go elsewhere or […]

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Travel Photo: Gubbio

Cloudy skies over Gubbio in northern Umbria, Italy.

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Paris Day Trip: Marly-le-Roi

Marly-le-Roi is a 20 minute drive to the west of Paris, provided you don’t get lost like I did. Having a GPS which works usually helps. The very small old town has a few pretty cobblestone streets but on the Monday I visited everything was closed so there was little to do but head to […]

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Allo Allo {Deux Américains à Paris}

Allo Allo {Deux Américains à Paris} from Land of Nod Inc. on Vimeo. Ah, Paris. Je t’aime.

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Travel Photo: Mieming

A beautiful mountain sunrise not far from Mieming in the Tirol region of Austria.

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Holy Places

There’s no shortage of holy places in Europe which is the theme of this week’s #FriFotos. Follow #FriFotos on Twitter to share your photos of holy places. Share your holy themed FriFotos posts in the comments.

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Milan’s Main Sights

I’ve never done much sight seeing in Milan, even though I’ve been many times to visit friends. This time around I only had one evening in the city on my way back to Paris from Umbria. I decided to check out the main sights and work on my iPhone photography. The main attraction in Milan […]

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